Seddik Abdel-Salam

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The overall objective of this paper is to develop a more sensitive and less costly technique of laser irradiation of spermatozoa at certain wavelengths and exposure times suitable for improvement of buffalo semen quality. A 532 nm continuous wave (CW) DPSS laser light has been used to irradiate buffalo semen for different time intervals. Three semen pools(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The utilization of the stem cells is widely used in the last few years in different fields of medicine, either by external transplantation or endogenous mobilization, most of these studies still experimental on animals; few were tried on human as in the spinal cord injury or myocardial infarction. As regard its use in the inner(More)
The present study aimed at exploring the effect of antihistamine chloropheniramine maleate (H1-blocker) on liver and kidney functions as well as on blood count. 60 mature guinea pigs were used. Histamine or chloropheniramine maleate was given, either alone or together, intramuscularly for 7 successive days. At the end of the experimental period, blood(More)
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