Sedat Inan

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Gas hydrates and gas bubbles were collected during the MARNAUT cruise (May–June 2007) in the Sea of Marmara along the North Anatolian Fault system, Turkey. Gas hydrates were sampled in the western part of the Sea of Marmara (on the Western High), and three gas-bubble samples were recovered on the Western High, the Central High (center part of the Sea of(More)
Soil Radon Emanation has been continuously monitored along with other geophysical measurements in the seismically active Marmara region of Turkey over the past ten years for understanding the pre-earthquake crustal deformation. In this paper, radon gas emanation time series are decomposed into intrinsic (characteristic) modes via Empirical Mode(More)
PRE-EARTHQUAKES (Processing Russian and European EARTH observations for earthQUAKE precursors Studies) EU-FP7 project is devoted to demonstrate integrating different observational data, comparing and improving different data analysis methods how it is possible to progressively increase reliability of short term seismic risk assessment. Three main testing(More)
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