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Members of the bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) superfamily are expressed in the testis and epididymis and are believed to have different biological functions during testicular and epididymal development. Smad1 is one of the signal transducers of BMP signaling and binds to several proteins involved in ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). Valosin-containing(More)
The most significant complication of testicular ischaemia is loss of the testis, which may lead to infertility. Testicular ischaemia damages protein degradation pathways which, together with the overproduction of damaged proteins and consequent upregulation of ubiquitin-conjugated protein aggregates. Despite recent advances, the factors leading to(More)
BACKGROUND The ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) is a key player in regulating many cellular processes via proteasomal degradation of ubiquitinated proteins. Recently published data show that Jab1/CSN5 interacts with p97/VCP and controls the ubiquitination status of proteins bound to p97/VCP in mouse and human cells. However, coexpression of p97/VCP and(More)
BACKGROUND Selenium plays a role in the prevention of oxidative damage and has been linked to regulatory functions in cell growth, apoptosis, cell survival, and cytotoxicity. Melatonin has an antioxidant effect, which protects against a number of free radical species. Given its antioxidant properties, melatonin has been widely known to inhibit neuronal(More)
PURPOSE Recent studies have shown that aquaporins (AQPs) play an important role in proliferating tumor microvessels and angiogenesis. In this study, the authors investigated the expression of aquaporin-1 (AQP1) and aquaporin-3 (AQP3) in pterygial and normal conjunctival tissues. METHODS Fifteen patients with pterygium were enrolled in the study. Pterygium(More)
In this study, we aimed to investigate the distribution pattern of ubiquitin and p97/VCP in the rat retina during postnatal development. Eyeballs from 1-, 4-, 10-, 36- and 72-week-old rats were examined by immunohistochemistry, and protein colocalization was determined by immunofluorescence microscopy. In the 1-week-old rat retina, p97/VCP was strongly(More)
Testicular torsion is a well-known medical emergency that can lead to pathological changes in the testicular tissues and male infertility. This investigation was undertaken to gain insight into the effects of an endothelin type A receptor antagonist (BQ123) on torsion-induced germ cell loss. Twenty-eight male Wistar albino rats were divided into four(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of present study was to determine the effects of conjugated linoleic acid enriched milk on alveolar bone loss, hyperglycaemia, oxidative stress and apoptosis in ligature-induced periodontal disease in diabetic rat model. METHODS Wistar rats were divided into six experimental groups: 1; non-ligated (NL, n = 6) group, 2; ligature only (LO,(More)
OBJECTIVE The presumptive factors that are released by the preeclamptic placenta to cause maternal disease are less well known. The constitutive photomorphogenic-9 (COP9) signalosome (CSN) complex, a multifunctional protein complex involved in modulating signal transduction, gene transcription, and protein stability in cells. Although the roles of most CSN(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study examines the effect of systemic melatonin administration on proinflammatory cytokine levels, apoptosis, alveolar bone loss (ABL), lipid metabolism, and diabetic control in in rats with diabetes mellitus (DM) and ligature-induced periodontitis. METHODS Fifty-two male Wistar rats were used in this study. Study groups were as(More)
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