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Privacy is one of the friction points that emerge when communications are mediated in online social networks (OSNs). Different communities of computer science researchers have framed the OSN privacy problem as one of surveillance, institutional privacy, or social privacy. In tackling these problems, researchers have also treated them as if they were(More)
Addressing privacy and data protection systematically throughout the process of engineering information systems is a daunting task. Although the research community has made significant progress in theory and in labs, meltdowns in recent years suggest that we're still struggling to address systemic privacy issues. Privacy engineering, an emerging field,(More)
Cryptographic access control tools for online social networks (CACTOS) allow users to enforce their privacy settings online without relying on the social network provider or any other third party. Many such tools have been proposed in the literature, some of them implemented and currently publicly available, and yet they have seen poor or no adoption at(More)
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