Sebnem N. Tuncdemir

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Neuromodulatory control by oxytocin is essential to a wide range of social, parental and stress-related behaviours. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are associated with deficiencies in oxytocin levels and with genetic alterations of the oxytocin receptor (OXTR). Thirty years ago, Mühlethaler et al. found that oxytocin increases the firing of inhibitory(More)
Complex and precisely orchestrated genetic programs contribute to the generation, migration, and maturation of cortical GABAergic interneurons (cIN). Yet, little is known about the signals that mediate the rapid alterations in gene expression that are required for cINs to transit through a series of developmental steps leading to their mature properties in(More)
The precise connectivity of somatostatin and parvalbumin cortical interneurons is generated during development. An understanding of how these interneuron classes incorporate into cortical circuitry is incomplete but essential to elucidate the roles they play during maturation. Here, we report that somatostatin interneurons in infragranular layers receive(More)
Neuronal microcircuits in the superficial layers of the mammalian cortex provide the substrate for associative cortical computation. Inhibitory interneurons constitute an essential component of the circuitry and are fundamental to the integration of local and long-range information. Here we report that, during early development, superficially positioned(More)
Synapses are inter-neuronal connections that are fundamental working units in neural networks. How synapses are molecularly constructed is a fascinating question, which attracted scientists' attention for many decades. Neuromuscular junction, a field pioneered by Te-Pei FENG and many others, has been an excellent model for studying synaptogenesis and paved(More)
A fundamental step in linking the activity of individual neurons to circuits and animal behavior is to identify their patterns of connectivity. Traditional methods in electrophysiology and microscopy, although powerful, are limited to addressing only a neuron’s immediate neighbors (1). A further limitation of these methods is that this can be addressed only(More)
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