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—This article studies a decision making problem faced by an aggregator willing to offer a load modulation service to a Transmission System Operator. This service is contracted one day ahead and consists in a load modulation option, which can be called once per day. The option specifies the range of a potential modification on the demand of the loads within(More)
—We propose and analyze a day-ahead reserve market model that handles bids from flexible loads. This pool market model takes into account the fact that a load modulation in one direction must usually be compensated later by a modulation of the same magnitude in the opposite direction. Our analysis takes into account the gaming possibilities of producers and(More)
  • S Mathieu
  • 2013
Currently in France, all the children born as a result of an assisted reproduction procedure, represent 2.5% of all births. Although this proportion is not high, it is not to be neglected, particularly with regard to the sociological issues raised by assisted reproduction technologies (ART) - i.e. removing anonymity of gamete donation, post mortem(More)
To ease the transition towards the future of distribution grid management, regulators must revise the current interaction model, that is, the set of rules guiding the interactions between all the parties of the system. Five interaction models are proposed, three of them considering active network management. This paper evaluates the economic efficiency of(More)
Considering a set of points in a multi-dimensional space with an associated real value for each point, we want to find the box with the maximum sum of the values of the included points. This problem has applications in data mining and can be formulated as a mixed-integer linear program. We propose a branch-and-bound algorithm where the bounding is obtained(More)
This paper addresses the problem of an aggregator controlling residential heat pumps to offer a direct control flexibility service. The service consists of a power modulation, upward or downward, that is activated at a given time period over a fixed number of periods. The service modulation is relative to an optimized baseline that minimizes the energy(More)
Preliminary results of an empirical study of human experimentation practices are presented and contrasted with those of a survey conducted a hundred years ago when clinical research, although tolerated, was culturally deviant. Now that biomedical research is both authorized and controlled, its actors (sponsors, committees, investigators, subjects) come out(More)