Sebastien Lugan

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Information and knowledge are actually well and easily distributed thanks to electronic journals, news, mailing-lists and forums. It is however more difficult to deploy algorithmic and programming collaboration: the hetero-geneity of the programming languages and the operating systems used by researchers constitutes a major problem to the design of a common(More)
— This paper describes the first successful attempt to detect wake vortices axially using an on-board infrared pulsed Doppler LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging). On-board axial detection is more complex than the classic ground-based tangential approach, because the axial air speed in vortices is low and the atmospheric particle density is reduced, yielding(More)
—A new spectral model of the return signal from a LIDAR Doppler wake vortex detector is proposed. It has been experimentally discovered during ground-based and flight test campaigns but suffered a lack of theoretical evidence. Using high resolution fluid simulations of wake vortices, we highlight the physical meaning of this model. Comparisons with the(More)
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