Sebastien Georget

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Between high-performance clusters and grids appears an intermediate infrastructure called cluster grid that corresponds to the interconnection of clusters through the Internet. Cluster grids are not only dedicated to specific applications but should allow the users to execute programs of different natures. This kind of architecture also imposes additional(More)
Antipsychotic-induced thrombocytopenia is generally rare, but seems to occur more frequently with quetiapine. Accordingly, the relative risk of thrombocytopenia can be described as very rare with loxapine and clozapine (o 0.01%), uncommon with risperidone (X 0.1%, o 1%), but very common with quetiapine (X 10%). However, very few cases are reported in the(More)
AIMS A retrospective survey of prescription of anticholinergic drugs to patients treated with antipsychotics (i.e. neuroleptics) was set up in order to evaluate quality and adequation of medical care. This study was meant as a first step of a therapeutic audit, aimed at improving clinical practices and attitudes. METHODS This retrospective study was(More)
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