Sebastiano Sciuto

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Autogenous cartilage has generally been considered the gold standard grafting material in reconstructive septorhinoplasty for volume filling and structural support. In the restructuring of the nasal skeleton, autogenous cartilage can be harvested from the nasal septum, the auricle or the rib, but costal cartilage is considered the best graft material in(More)
A pointed, narrow and exaggeratedly upturned nasal tip and concave dorsal profile can give the nose an unnatural and artificial appearance that is the unmistakable hallmark of plastic surgery. As a result of changes in social attitudes, noses that have evidently been operated on are no longer acceptable and requests are made for correction. While a more(More)
We have investigated the oxidative behavior of sterols such as cholesteryl acetate (1), 7-dehydrocholesteryl acetate (2), ergosteryl acetate (3), cholecalciferol acetate (Vitamin D(3) acetate) (4) and ergocalciferol acetate (Vitamin D(2) acetate) (5) with the oxidant system methyltrioxorhenium/H(2)O(2)/pyridine in order to check potential parameters(More)
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