Sebastiano Faro

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SOMMARIO: 1. Public sector information (PSI) – 2. Case law as an essential source of PSI – 3. The Caselex project – 4. Building the system – 4.1. Understanding the needs and potential of the market – 4.2. Assessing the technological and legal barriers – 4.3. Creating the content repository – 4.4. Implementing the service – 4.5. Disseminating and exploiting(More)
Thesaurus interoperability is an important property which guarantees quality in indexing and retrieval of heterogeneous data sources in a distributed environment. It contributes to guarantee semantic interoperability of public services and information quality which are essential features of eGov-ernment implementation policies. This paper presents a(More)
Starting from the description of the reasons why the transnational access to case law is important especially in the context of European legal systems, some major information systems providing access to this type of data are presented. Then, Caselex (Case Law Exchange), a project financed by the EU Commission aiming at deploying a service equipped with a(More)
The terms and relationships provided by existing bio-ontologies only represent a limited set of features of biological regulatory processes. As current bio-ontologies only explicitly capture a small part of our biological understanding, the potential of applying computational analysis on such knowledge remains limited. The Cell Cycle Ontology (CCO) is(More)
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