Sebastiano Bagnara

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Human-machine systems have become more and more risky and tightly coupled. Component failures can result in unacceptable disasters that not only affect workers and plants, but also neighbours and the environment. System Reliability Analysis has made noticeable progress in assessing technical component reliability, but the introduction of Human Reliability(More)
16 (8 men, 8 women) subjects were required to respond same or different to pairs of geometrical figures. Same responses were given to physical identity pairs, to analog identity pairs, and to name identity pairs. Male subjects showed a left visual-field advantage regardless of the level of processing, whereas female subjects did not show a clear-cut(More)
Knowledge management is crucial in engineering tasks in advanced manufacturing industries. Human-centred design of knowledge management applications requires a profound insight into the tasks of engineers and their need for support. In this paper we describe the iterative approach of the modelling of user tasks and needs and defining functional(More)