Sebastian Zambanini

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The vision-based detection of hand gestures is one technological enabler for <i>Natural User Interfaces</i> which try to provide a natural and intuitive interaction with computers. In particular, mobile devices might benefit from such a less device-centric but more natural input possibility. In this paper, we introduce our ongoing work on the visual(More)
In the context of ambient assisted living, camera-based fall detectors at elderly homes leads to immediate alarming and helping. In this paper we propose a novel approach for the detection of falls based on multiple cameras. Based on semantic driven features fall detection is done in 2D and each camera decides on its own, if a fall has occurred. Fuzzy logic(More)
The most successful approaches to video understanding and video matching use local spatio-temporal features as a sparse representation for video content. Until now, no principled evaluation of these features has been done. We present FeEval, a dataset for the evaluation of such features. For the first time, this dataset allows for a systematic measurement(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper presents an automatic method for the quantification of the development of cutaneous hemangiomas in digital images. Two measurements on digital images acquired during follow-up examinations are performed: (1) the skin area affected by the lesion is measured and (2) the change of the hemangioma during follow-up examinations called(More)