Sebastian Yuri Cavalcanti Catunda

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—Programmable analog signal conditioning circuits can be programmed in the field to permit their use in several applications with a variety of sensors with different output signal characteristics. The digital programming of the gain and dc level shift of a conditioning circuit can affect the measurement resolution and cause a reduction in the range of the(More)
According to the Food and Drug Administration, infusion pumps are considered nowadays the most safety-critical medical device due to the nature of their operations and associated risks. The design of these devices is still an open question and several improvement initiatives are under research. However the released specifications of such systems are not yet(More)
—In this paper, we present a systematic design procedure for Q-enhanced integrated LC filters, which does not require any simulations and is thus suitable for design automation. The design procedure has been described in the CAIRO+ analog design environment, containing the BSIM3v3 models of the MOS transistors. Precise estimations of the quality factor and(More)
—This work presents the design of a 1 st-order sigma-delta thermal modulator using a thermoresistive sensor in its feedback loop, as the summing and integrating elements. The proposed system architecture allows the measurement of physical quantities that interact with the sensor, as temperature, thermal radiation and fluid velocity. Procedures for obtaining(More)
    The combination of transducers and microprocessors facilitate the insertion of a device called smart sensor in a digital communication network and decrease the efforts of proper configuration. However, the diversity of existing protocols or the creation of independent solutions by manufacturers hinders the interoperability of these transducers,(More)