Sebastian Wieczorek

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Service-oriented architecture (SOA) enables organizations to transform their existing IT infrastructure into a more flexible business process platform.. In this architecture, decoupled components that provide standard services can be composed to form individually configured and highly flexible applications. When building such applications it is important to(More)
Choreography models describe the communication protocols between services. Testing of service choreographies is an important task for the quality assurance of service-based systems as used e.g. in the context of service-oriented architectures (SOA). The formal modeling of service choreographies enables a model-based integration testing (MBIT) approach. We(More)
Component integration plays a decisive role in service-oriented architectures (SOAs). The technical implementation must faithfully reflect business and enterprise integration requirements. This implies a good understanding of the globally observable message choreography but also of how messages are handled by the involved components and by the SOA(More)
—This paper presents a case study for the mod-eling and model-based testing (MBT) of enterprise service choreographies. Our proposed MBT approach uses proprietary models called Message Choreography Models (MCM) as test models. The case study illustrates how MCM-based service integration testing allows to formalize design decisions and enables full(More)
—Software development and testing of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems demands dedicated methods to tackle its special features. As manual testing is not able to systematically test ERP systems due to the involved complexity, an efficient testing approach should be automatic. Since the underlying business processes of enterprise systems are(More)
Preface This volume contains t he proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Model-based Testing in Practice (M oTiP) held on 16 June 2010 in Paris, Fran ce, in co njunction with t he 6th E uropean C onference on M odelling Fo undations and Applications (EC MFA 2010). The obj ective o f th e M oTiP 20 10 work shop is to bring tog ether i ndustry an d academia by(More)
Applying the concepts of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) has already become a mainstream in industry. The development of business applications according to these principles implies a layered design and implementation. This paper describes an industrial approach to the verification of a consistency relation between such layers. In our case service(More)