Sebastian Weisgerber

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In contrast to the Android application layer, An-droid's application framework's internals and their influence on the platform security and user privacy are still largely a black box for us. In this paper, we establish a static runtime model of the application framework in order to study its internals and provide the first high-level classification of the(More)
We present ARTist, a compiler-based application instru-mentation solution for Android. ARTist is based on the new ART runtime and the on-device dex2oat compiler of Android, which replaced the interpreter-based managed run-time (DVM) from Android version 5 onwards. Since dex2oat is yet uncharted, our approach required first and foremost a thorough study of(More)
The idea that familiar events can be encoded automatically has gained general acceptance in cognitive psychology since Posner and Boies (1971) first reported that reaction times to a secondary probe were not interfered with by letter encoding. More recently, Ogden, Martin, and Paap (1981) used a more valid control for estimating baseline probe performance(More)
In a letter-symbol classification task, flanking incompatible symbols slowed response latencies to letter targets, whereas incompatible letter flankers did not slow the classification of symbol targets. The conditions surrounding this asymmetry in response competition were investigated in five experiments. The results showed that: (1) the asymmetry was not(More)
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