Sebastian Vetter

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Climate change is known to affect ecosystems globally, but our knowledge of its impact on large and widespread mammals, and possibly population-specific responses is still sparse. We investigated large-scale and long-term effects of climate change on local population dynamics using the wild boar (Sus scrofa L.) as a model species. Our results show that(More)
For the montage of large true to scale image plans the high quality of rectification of all single images is a major requirement. An automatic image processing with marker matching and rectification of IRT image stacks is now enabled with the help of newly developed optothermal markers. Thus the photogrammetric digital image processing of IRT investigation(More)
We propose several algorithmic extensions to inpainting that have been proposed to the spatial domain by other authors and apply them to an inpainting technique in the wavelet domain. We also introduce a new merging stage. We show how these techniques can be used to remove large objects in complex outdoor scenes automatically. We evaluate our approach(More)
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