Sebastian Vauth

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OBJECTIVES Abnormalities of oscillatory gamma activity are supposed to reflect a core pathophysiological mechanism underlying cognitive disturbances in schizophrenia. The auditory evoked gamma-band response (aeGBR) is known to be reduced across all stages of the disease. The present study aimed to elucidate alterations of an aeGBR-specific network mediated(More)
The reward system is important in assessing outcomes to guide behavior. To achieve these purposes, its core components interact with several brain areas involved in cognitive and emotional processing. A key mechanism suggested to subserve these interactions is oscillatory activity, with a prominent role of theta and high-beta oscillations. The present study(More)
The crossover in kinetic roughening of thin films from a particle-character-dominated regime to continuous growth behavior has been observed in this work. This has been accomplished by atomic force microscopy investigations of pulsed laser deposited amorphous organic films with thicknesses ranging from several nanometers to more than 4 microm. The(More)
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