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Solving real-world problems using symbolic planning often requires a simplified formulation of the original problem, since certain subproblems cannot be represented at all or only in a way leading to inefficiency. For example, manipulation planning may appear as a subproblem in a robotic planning context or a packing problem can be part of a logistics task.(More)
In a field of research about general reasoning mechanisms, it is essential to have appropriate benchmarks. Ideally, the benchmarks should reflect possible applications of the developed technology. In AI Planning, researchers more and more tend to draw their testing examples from the benchmark collections used in the International Planning Competition (IPC).(More)
In this demo description, we present Konduit, a desktop-based platform for visual programming with RDF data. Based on the idea of the semantic desktop, non-technical users can create, manipulate and mash-up RDF data with Konduit, and thus generate simple applications or workflows, which are aimed to simplify their everyday work by automating repetitive(More)
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