Sebastian Terlunen

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In this paper we present an algorithm for the recognition of 1D barcodes using camera phones, which is highly robust regarding the the typical image distortions. We have created a database of barcode images, which covers typical distortions, such as inhomogeneous illumination, reflections, or blurriness due to camera movement. We present results from(More)
Due to an ever increasing complexity, modern supply chains have to make use of Decision Support Systems to focus on the one hand on cost savings and on the other hand on a high customer orientation. This is especially difficult due to different service and costs expectations that have to be taken into account jointly to fulfill the customer expectations(More)
The relative novel discrete rate-based simulation paradigm combines the advantages of the discrete event-based and the system dynamics simulation paradigms. Although its applicability is generally acknowledged in the context of supply chain management, no research works exist, that allow for a direct modeling and simulation of supply chain planning(More)
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