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Molecular studies on intraspecific differentiation of Paramecium dodecaurelia, with description of new stands of the species (Protozoa, Ciliophora).
Molecular studies of P. dodecaurelia strains depicted intraspecific polymorphism within the species, revealed as distinct differences between strains from the USA in comparison with strains from different regions of the Palearctic.
First American stand of Paramecium novaurelia and intra-specific differentiation of the species.
A stand of Paramecium novaurelia was found in Boston Massachusetts, USA, the first on this continent and shows intra-specific polymorphism within the species as strain clusters characterized by variable relationships.
Molecular polymorphism of Paramecium tetraurelia (Ciliophora, Protozoa) in strains originating from different continents.
Polymorphism within P. tetraurelia was confirmed, however, it seems that the applied markers did not explain the ways of divergence of strains within species, and also did not show correlations between geographic origin of strains and their genetic diversity.
First stand of Paramecium octaurelia in Europe and molecular characteristics of other known strains of this species.
The first stand of Paramecium octaurelia in Europe (Germany) is described and interesting intra-specific polymorphism is compared within the species using strains originating from different