Sebastian Sontges

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It is of utmost importance for automatic collision avoidance systems to correctly evaluate the risk of a current situation and constantly decide, if and what kind of evasive maneuver must be initiated. Most motion planning algorithms find such maneuver by searching a deterministic or random subset of the state space or input space. These approaches can be(More)
Motion planing in dynamic traffic scenes is a challenging problem. In particular, since it is unknown during planning whether a certain decision, such as passing another traffic participant on the left or right, will result in a safe and comfortable motion. Exhaustive exploration of all principle driving paths is computationally expensive, so that one(More)
Future collision avoidance systems, which are capable of fully controlling the vehicle, have to make critical decisions in a very short time. To do this, they need to check constantly if their own vehicle's occupancy collides with the other traffic participants' occupancy. Those collision checks consume a substantial amount of time and consequently, the(More)
A short-injector mid-infrared quantum cascade laser based on the Ino.6Gao.4As/Ino.36BAlo.635As material system is analyzed by means of a self-consistent ensemble Monte-Carlo method. Scattering mechanisms, namely electron — acoustic phonon, electron-longitudinal optical phonon including hot phonons, electron-electron, electron-alloy, electron-impurity(More)
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