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Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are severe environmental pollutants that are analyzed frequently. The risk assessment of PAH impact to groundwater can be performed using leaching tests. Therby a liquid-solid separation step including centrifugation may be required, which in turn might lead to loss of analytes due to sorption on the equipment. Thus we(More)
The crystal structure of a mutant calmodulin (CaM) lacking Glu-84 has been refined to R = 0.23 using data measured to 2.9-A resolution. In native CaM the central helix is fully extended, and the molecule is dumbbell shaped. In contrast, the deletion of Glu-84 causes a bend of 95 degrees in the linker region of the central helix at Ile-85. However, EF-hand(More)
Donor-acceptor materials with small HOMO-LUMO gaps are important in molecular electronics, but are often difficult to synthesise. A simple and efficient way to position tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) as the donor and naphthalene diamide (NDI) as the acceptor in close proximity to each other in a divalent crown/ammonium pseudo[2]rotaxane is presented. The divalent(More)
Switchable crown ether-ammonium [2]rotaxanes with a redox-active tetrathiafulvalene (TTF) unit implemented in their wheels were synthesised and fully characterised. Reversible operation in two modes is possible, in which the [2]rotaxane's axle is either charged or neutral. Cyclic voltammetry experiments reveal the effects of mechanical bonding on the(More)
The combination of 2,2':6',2''-terpyridines (tpy) and RuII is known to deliver molecular and supramolecular assemblies with remarkable properties. Here new RuII complexes, with modified tpy ligands substituted with varying numbers of dimethlyamino groups, are presented. Electrochemistry shows that the incorporation of the strongly electron-donating groups(More)
Mixed-valent compounds are fascinating entities that are useful as models for investigating electron-transfer reactions, and find use in a host of biologically relevant redox processes. Though the bio-relevant metal copper is well established in mixed-valent chemistry, the AgII /AgIII mixed-valent combination of its higher congener in a molecular complex(More)
The anti-Lewis alpha mouse immunoglobulin CF4C4 (IgGl, k) Fab has been crystallized from 58% saturated ammonium sulfate in space group Pl; unit cell dimensions a = 43.4 A b = 41.7 A, c = 62.0 A, a = 72.7 degrees, beta = 96.6 degrees, gamma = 100.1 degrees. X-ray diffraction data have been measured beyond 3.0 A Bragg spacing. The crystal structure has been(More)
Bidentate ligands containing at least one triazole or triazolylidene (mesoionic carbene, MIC) unit are extremely popular in contemporary chemistry. One reason for their popularity is the similarities as well as differences in the donor/acceptor properties that these ligands display in comparison to their pyridine or other N-heterocyclic carbene(More)
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