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OBJECTIVES To describe long-term somatic growth in terms of weight for age in children operated on for congenital heart defects who die late (after the first 30 postoperative days) and to study the relationship between postoperative weight gain and survival after surgery for congenital heart defects. METHODS This was a nested case-control study of 80(More)
BACKGROUND Mild hypothermia (MH) decreases infarct size and mortality in experimental reperfused myocardial infarction, but may potentiate ischaemia-induced left ventricular (LV) diastolic dysfunction. METHODS In anaesthetized pigs (70 ± 2 kg), polystyrol microspheres (45 μm) were infused repeatedly into the left circumflex artery until cardiac power(More)
Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFPEF) evolves with the accumulation of risk factors. Relevant animal models to identify potential therapeutic targets and to test novel therapies for HFPEF are missing. We induced hypertension and hyperlipidemia in landrace pigs (n = 8) by deoxycorticosteroneacetate (DOCA, 100 mg/kg, 90-day-release(More)
BACKGROUND Impairment of renal function is associated with adverse outcome in various diseases. Patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH) show diminished cardiac function and organ perfusion. The aim of this study was to investigate the associations between renal function and both haemodynamic parameters and long-term survival in patients with PH. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE We tested whether mild hypothermia impacts on circulatory and respiratory dysfunction during experimental endotoxemia. DESIGN Randomized controlled prospective experimental study. SETTING Large animal facility, Medical University of Graz, Austria. SUBJECTS Thirteen anesthetized and mechanically ventilated pigs. INTERVENTIONS(More)
A randomized surgical adjuvant trial in 242 evaluable patients with T1-3a, N0-1, and M0 breast cancer was initiated 4 years ago. The well-tolerated, oral combination chemotherapy with six cycles of Leukeran plus methotrexate plus fluorouracil (LMF) plus repeated BCG skin scarifications was used. After 4 years, the following results were seen: (1)(More)
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