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As virtualization trend is moving towards "client virtualization", wireless virtualization remains to be one of the technology gaps that haven't been addressed satisfactorily. Today's approaches are mainly developed for wired network, and are not suitable for virtualizing wireless network interface due to the fundamental differences between wireless and(More)
Case control studies are a reasonably rapid and inexpensive method of developing causal hypotheses concerning the role of early environment on the development of psychiatric pathology. The current study tested an interview designed to assess early home environment on a group of patients with alcoholism or depression, on a control group free of psychiatric(More)
Emerging high speed networks give rise to new classes of applications like teleconferencing or video-on-demand which demand Quality of Service (QoS). To provide QoS support on an end-to-end basis, the demand of integrating network, transport, and operating system appears since applications compete for network access, processor time and QoS guarantees. This(More)
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