Sebastian Schnur

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A high performance CMOS process using mix e-beam/optical lithography has been developed for VLSI applications. The 0.5 ¿m channel devices are fabricated with shallow N+ and P+ source/drain junctions. Self-aligned silicide on gate and diffusions reduces the sheet resistance to 5 ohm/sq.. The shallow retrograde N-well formed by multiple high energy(More)
Strain and coordination effects in the adsorption on early transition metals were studied using density functional theory. We show that, in contrast to late transition metals, early transition metal surfaces with a less than half-filled local d-band exhibit lower adsorption energies upon lattice expansion and on low-coordinated sites, in agreement with(More)
We studied simple reaction pathways of molecules interacting with Pt(111) in the presence of water and ions using density functional theory within the generalized gradient approximation. We particularly focus on the dissociation of H2 and O2 on Pt(111) which represent important reaction steps in the hydrogen evolution/ oxidation reaction and the oxygen(More)
The creation of identical microislands consisting of Ni trimers and multiples thereof on Ru(0001) induced by oxygen adsorption has been observed using scanning tunnelling microscopy. The island formation is caused by an oxygen induced expulsion of Ni atoms or trimers out of the moiré-distorted (densified) Ni monolayer. The exceptional stability of the Ni(More)
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