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BACKGROUND The incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has continued to rise in recent years. This increase has been attributed to alcohol-induced liverdiseases, metabolic syndrome, and the rising number of hepatitis B and C viral infections. METHOD Pertinent publications (2000-2011) were retrieved by a systematic Medline search. In seven different(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the third most common reason for cancer-related death worldwide. Many countries either lack appropriate clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of HCC or the quality of their guidelines has never been evaluated. The main objective of our work was to identify published HCC guidelines(More)
Aminoglycoside antibiotics target the ribosomal decoding A-site and are active against a broad spectrum of bacteria. These compounds bind to a highly conserved stem-loop-stem structure in helix 44 of bacterial 16S rRNA. One particular aminoglycoside, paromomycin, also shows potent antiprotozoal activity and is used for the treatment of parasitic infections,(More)
Structural and genetic studies on prokaryotic ribosomes have provided important insights into fundamental aspects of protein synthesis and translational control and its interaction with ribosomal drugs. Comparable mechanistic studies in eukaryotes are mainly hampered by the absence of both high-resolution crystal structures and efficient genetic models. To(More)
Interactive node-link diagrams are useful for describing and exploring data relationships in many domains such as network analysis and transportation planning. We describe a multi-touch interaction technique set (IT set) that focuses on edge interactions for node-link diagrams. The set includes five techniques (TouchPlucking, TouchPinning, TouchStrumming,(More)
Macroeconomic model comparison projects have helped produce some very influential insights such as the Taylor rule. However, they have been infrequent and costly, because they require the input of many teams of researchers and multiple meetings to obtain a limited set of comparative findings. This paper provides a new comparative approach to model-based(More)
BACKGROUND Myostatin is a muscle derived factor that functions as a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. Induction of myostatin expression was observed in rodent models of muscle wasting and in cachectic patients with cancer or pulmonary disease. Therefore, there is an increasing interest to use serum myostatin as a biomarker. METHODS We(More)
We present a novel symbolic approach to extract domain-specific technical features of products from large German corpora. Our prototypical implementation extracts terms like " Auflösung " (resolution), " Speicherplatz " (storage capacity), etc. The proposed methods depend on manually added lists of technical measures of the target domain (in our case(More)
—Classification of text remains a challenge. Most machine learning based approaches require many manually annotated training instances for a reasonable accuracy. In this article we present an approach that minimizes the human annotation effort by interactively incorporating human annotators into the training process via active learning of an ensemble(More)