Sebastian Scheffler

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The tryptophan metabolites kynurenine, 3-hydroxykynurenine, anthranilic, 3-hydroxyanthranilic and 3-methoxyanthranilic acids were compared with regard to diazotation by .NO or NO+, using three different donors, nitrite at pH 5, PAPA-NONOate at pH 7.4 and NO+SbF(6)- at pH 2.0. With all three sources of NO species, 3-hydroxykynurenine and 3-hydroxyanthranilic(More)
We compute nonequilibrium dynamics for classical-statistical SU(2) pure gauge theory on a lattice. We consider anisotropic initial conditions with high occupation numbers in the transverse plane on a characteristic scale ∼ Qs. This is used to investigate the very early stages of the thermalization process in the context of heavy-ion collisions. We find(More)
We study the phase structure of a 4D complex scalar field theory with a potential V (Φ) = | Λ 3 Φ −ΛΦ | 2 at zero and at finite temperature. The model is analyzed by mean-field and Monte Carlo methods. At zero temperature the theory falls in the universality class of the 4D Ising model when varying Λ. The situation is less clear-cut for variations w.r.t. Λ(More)
Kolmogorov wave turbulence plays an important role for the thermalization process following plasma instabilities in nonabelian gauge theories. We show that classical-statistical simulations in SU(2) gauge theory indicate a Kolmogorov scaling exponent known from scalar models. In the range of validity of resummed perturbation theory this result is shown to(More)
We compute nonequilibrium dynamics of plasma instabilities in classicalstatistical lattice gauge theory in 3+1 dimensions. The simulations are done for the first time for the SU(3) gauge group relevant for quantum chromodynamics. We find a qualitatively similar behavior as compared to earlier investigations in SU(2) gauge theory. The characteristic growth(More)
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