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Open Educational Practices and Resources : OLCOS Roadmap 2012
The Open e-Learning Content Observatory Services (OLCOS) road mapping work was conducted to provide decision makers with an overview of current and likely future developments in Open EducationalExpand
IkeWiki: A Semantic Wiki for Collaborative Knowledge Management
  • Sebastian Schaffert
  • Computer Science
  • 15th IEEE International Workshops on Enabling…
  • 26 June 2006
The architecture and design principles of IkeWiki, a semantic Wiki developed at Salzburg research, are described, which has been developed primarily as a tool for ontology engineering, but can be used in a variety of application scenarios. Expand
From Freebase to Wikidata: The Great Migration
The Primary Sources Tool is described, which aims to facilitate this and future data migrations and report on the ongoing transfer efforts and data mapping challenges. Expand
Xcerpt: a rule-based query and transformation language for the web
The syntax of the language Xcerpt is introduced, and a declarative semantics in form of a Tarski-style model theory is described, and an algorithm is proposed that performs a backward chaining evaluation of Xcerpt programs. Expand
Learning with Semantic Wikis
This article investigates how Semantic Wikis – a combination of Wiki and Semantic Web technology – can support learners in flexible learning environments and introduces the authors' Semantic Wiki system called IkeWiki. Expand
Reasoning in Semantic Wikis
Though semantic wikis hardly support complex semantic knowledge and inferencing, it is argued that this is not due to a lack of practical use cases, and various tasks for which advanced reasoning is desirable are discussed, and open challenges for the development of infering tools and formalisms are identified. Expand
The linked media framework: integrating and interlinking enterprise media content and data
The Linked Media Framework is presented, a platform for integrating and interlinking structured data and media content in enterprises and on the Web and offers the query language LD Path, a path-based language that allows intuitive resource-centric querying and traversal over distributed Linked Data resources and is thus more suitable for querying Linked data than SPARQL. Expand
Semantic Social Software: Semantically Enabled Social Software or Socially Enabled Semantic Web?
Three example applications of Semantic Social Software (Semantic Wikis, Semantic Weblogs, and ePortfolios) are introduced and challenges for the Semantic Web community to address are derived in order to overcome open issues of both. Expand
Querying the Web Reconsidered: A Practical Introduction to Xcerpt
A practical introduction into the language Xcerpt, guided by many examples for illustrating language constructs and usage, which is a rule-based, declarative query and transformation language for XML data. Expand
This approach tries to benefit from both the networked collective intelligence of social software and the obvious need for methodologies and well-defined explicit semantics in information and knowledge systems in order to support business processes. Expand