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This online panel study (n(t)(1) = 5,882; n(t)(2) = 3,486 (randomly selected)) used multiple metrics to assess the prevalence of the nonmedical use of prescription medication for enhancing cognitive performance among German university students in 2010. Rare events logistic regression revealed that increased cognitive test anxiety increased the prevalence of(More)
Cognitive enhancement (CE) is the pharmaceutical augmentation of mental abilities (e.g., learning or memory) without medical necessity. This topic has recently attracted widespread attention in scientific and social circles. However, knowledge regarding the mechanisms that underlie the decision to use CE medication is limited. To analyze these decisions, we(More)
BACKGROUND The use of cognitive enhancement (CE) by means of pharmaceutical agents has been the subject of intense debate both among scientists and in the media. This study investigates several drivers of and obstacles to the willingness to use prescription drugs non-medically for augmenting brain capacity. METHODS We conducted a web-based study among(More)
Enhancing cognitive performance with substances--especially prescription drugs--is a fiercely debated topic among scholars and in the media. The empirical basis for these discussions is limited, given that the actual nature of factors that influence the acceptability of and willingness to use cognitive enhancement substances remains unclear. In an online(More)
BACKGROUND Working conditions of academic staff have become increasingly complex and occupational exposure has risen. This study investigates whether work-related stress is associated with the use of prescription drugs for cognitive enhancement (CE). METHODS The study was designed around three web-based surveys (n1 = 1131; n2 = 936; n3 = 906) to which(More)
In this paper, a pilot application of high-level virtual testing and experimental results will be reported. It is shown that the entire virtual environment for testprogram verification including the simulation models can be provided well before silicon. Due to the high-level modeling technique , the computational performance was enhanced to a level allowing(More)