Sebastian Sachse

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Continuing our attempt to explain the degeneracy of the genetic code using basic classical Lie superalgebras, we present the branching schemes for the typical codon representations (typical 64-dimensional irreducible representations) of basic classical Lie superalgebras and find three schemes that do reproduce the degeneracies of the standard code, based on(More)
We derive the amino acid assignment to one codon representation (typical 64-dimensional irreducible representation) of the basic classical Lie superalgebra osp(5|2) from biochemical arguments. We motivate the approach of mathematical symmetries to the classification of the building constituents of the biosphere by analogy of its success in particle physics(More)
We prove the embedding of ISO q (3) ֒→ ISU ex √ q (2) and ISO q (2, 1) ֒→ ISL ex q (2, R) as *-algebras and give a Hilbert space representation of ISU ex √ q (2). 1 Introduction The inhomogenized extensions of a large list of standard quantizied Lie groups [1] have been given in [2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8]. They form quantizied versions of the classical(More)
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