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The use of biostimulants has become a common practice in agriculture. However, there is little peer-reviewed research on this topic. In this study we tested, under controlled and replicated conditions, the effect of one biostimulant derived from seaweed extraction (Bio-1) and another biostimulant derived from microbial fermentation (Bio-2). This experiment(More)
The past decades have witnessed tremendous growth in the use of biostimulants in agriculture and it is estimated that biostimulants will grow to $2 billion in sales by 2018 (Calvo et al., 2014). Recognizing the need to establish a legal framework for the marketing and regulation of these products the European biostimulants industry council (EBIC, 2012)(More)
Protocols for leaf sampling in deciduous tree crops are commonly executed too late in the season and do not adequately consider field variability to be effectively used to guide N management. The goal of this study was to develop improved sampling strategies to optimize nitrogen management in deciduous tree crops. Leaf nutrient concentration from individual(More)
The plastochron, defined as the time interval between the initiations of two successive leaves, can also indicate the development of successive phytomers along a shoot. Previous work has shown that crop load impacts the plastochron in field-grown peach (Prunuspersica) trees, which led us to hypothesize that the plastochron of peach trees may be sensitive to(More)
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