Sebastian Rieger

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Over the past years web applications increased in number and complexity (driven by “Web 2.0” paradigm). Users need to manage different passwords to authenticate at these applications. Modern Web-based Single Sign-On solutions that reduce the complexity for usage and management of the users’ credentials can be categorized in federated(More)
Identity management (IDM) has driven many IT projects especially in large IT infrastructures. Like other projects that focused on security or authentication, e.g. Public Key Infrastructures (PKI), they do not only reduce complexity and ease administration, but have to be managed themselves. This leads to costs and effort being necessary before gaining the(More)
Identity Management Lösungen werden auch in wissenschaftlichen IT-Strukturen seit einigen Jahren für die Vereinheitlichung der Authentifizierung und Autorisierung eingesetzt. Die erzielte Vereinheitlichung ist jedoch in der Regel auf einen Standort begrenzt. Für externe, fluktuierende Benutzer (z.B. standortüber-greifende Forschungsgruppen) müssen häufig(More)
Affordable access to large online hard disks via the Internet has emerged by the continuous evolving of public and private storage clouds. However, difficulties arise as soon as users of such storages want to employ services from different cloud providers simultaneously, e.g., for collaboration among institutions that use different storage providers or for(More)
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Several publishers, being used by researchers, have changed their access control from IP-based to federated authentication and authorization mechanisms typically based on the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML). While offering unified authentication and authorization (Single Sign-On) across Web sites, SAML does not offer specific features to enable(More)