Sebastian Poloczek

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In this paper we prove that the class of functions expressible by first order formulas with only two variables coincides with the class of functions computable by AC<sup>0</sup> circuits with a linear number of gates. We then investigate the feasibility of using Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse games to prove lower bounds for that class of circuits, as well as for(More)
BACKGROUND There is a long-held view that verbal short-term memory problems of individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) might be due to a deficit in verbal rehearsal. However, the evidence is inconclusive and word length effects as indicator of rehearsal have been criticised. AIM & METHOD The aim of this multi-site European study was to investigate(More)
There is mounting evidence that children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities (ID) of nonspecific aetiology perform poorer on phonological short-term memory tasks than children matched for mental age indicating a structural deficit in a process contributing to short-term recall of verbal material. One explanation is that children with ID of(More)
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