Sebastian Peters

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Chronic psychosocial stress is a recognized risk factor for various affective and somatic disorders. In an established murine model of chronic psychosocial stress, exposure to chronic subordinate colony housing (CSC) results in an alteration of physiological, behavioral, neuroendocrine and immunological parameters, including a long-lasting increase in(More)
Along with the associated film, this paper presents an approach to individually controlling home and office fixtures such as lights, window blinds, cooling and ventilation units with an 'intuitive gesture-based controller' using a smart phone. The implementation of the gesture controls is based on the magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer built into the(More)
Chronic stress is known to enhance the susceptibility for addiction disorders including alcoholism. While these findings have been recapitulated in animal models, the majority of these studies have utilized non-social rather than social stress paradigms; the latter of which are believed to be more relevant to the human situation. Therefore, the major aim of(More)
Software development is conducted in increasingly dynamic business environments. Organizations need the capability to develop, release and learn from software in rapid parallel cycles. The abilities to continuously deliver software, to involve users, and to collect and prioritize their feedback are necessary for software evolution. In 2014, we introduced(More)
Smart environments collect huge amounts of low-level data, but tend to fail to provide this data in an accessible, user-friendly, and meaningful way. Given the amount of time we spend inside buildings, the indoor environmental quality has a strong influence on our productivity and health. We developed the system SmartSpaces that aggregates and visualizes(More)
Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) is a growth factor that has originally been identified several decades ago as a hematopoietic factor required mainly for the generation of neutrophilic granulocytes, and is in clinical use for that. More recently, it has been discovered that G-CSF also plays a role in the brain as a growth factor for neurons and(More)
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