Sebastian Palus

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The following paper presents the concept of matching social network and corporate hierarchy in organizations with stable corporate structure. The idea allows to confirm whether social position of an employee calculated on the basis of the social network differs significantly from the formal employee role in the company. The results of such analysis may lead(More)
In every company people call each other, send emails, text messages, chat on forum, co-author documents, meet at events, etc. In other words, they collaborate with each other creating and maintaining mutual relationships in one complex social network. We can use this social network to evaluate company structure and based on this evaluation recommend some(More)
Most of the real social networks extracted from various data sources evolve and change their profile over time. For that reason, there is a great need to model evolution of networks in order to enable complex analyses of theirs dynamics. The model presented in the paper focuses on definition of differences between following network snapshots by means of(More)
The paper provides the overview of essential analyses and methods, helpful for enterprise architecture improvement and based on social network approach. The ideas presented in this paper focus on social network, that is built with the use of real-life manufacturing company data. It has been shown that corporate social network analysis, as a decision support(More)
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