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1. The microviscosity of the axoplasm of can sciatic nerve was determined by an in vitro electron spin resonance (e.s.r.) method using the spin label tempone. To identify the spin label signal as one arising only from within the axoplasm, Ni2+ was used as a line broadening agent. In one series of experiments in nerves with sheath intact the Ni2+ ion was(More)
1) Fast axoplasmic transport in mammalian nerve in vitro was studied using an isotope labeling technique. The rate of outflow in cat sciatic nerve fibers of 410 mm/day in vitro was reduced at temperatures below 38 degrees C with a Q10 of 2.0 in the range 38-18 degrees C and a Q10 of 2.3 at 38-13 degrees C. 2) At a temperature of 11 degrees C a partial(More)
Nerve fibers which appear beaded (varicose, spindle-shaped, etc.) are often considered the result of pathology, or a preparation artifact. However, beading can be promptly elicited in fresh normal nerve by a mild stretch and revealed by fast-freezing and freeze-substitution, or by aldehyde fixating at a temperature near 0 degree C (cold-fixation). The key(More)
In this paper, we evaluate grapheme-to-phoneme (g2p) models among languages and of different quality. We created g2p models for Indo-European languages with word-pronunciation pairs from the GlobalPhone project and from Wiktionary [1]. Then we checked their quality in terms of consistency and complexity as well as their impact on Czech, the GlobalPhone(More)
Axoplasmic transport of cat sciatic nerves was studied in vitro in a chamber in which maximal alpha action potentials could also be elicited. After initiation of N2 anoxia, electrical responses fell to zero at an average time of 22 min. A shorter time to zero of 11 min was seen during a second period of anoxia. A good recovery of both action potential(More)
In this paper, we analyze whether dictionaries from the World Wide Web which contain phonetic notations, may support the rapid creation of pronunciation dictionaries within the speech recognition and speech synthesis system building process. As a representative dictionary, we selected Wiktionary [1] since it is at hand in multiple languages and, in addition(More)
1. Until recently it was believed that axoplasmic transport in vitro was not affected by Ca2+, transport being normal in Ca2+-free medium. This was found due to the presence of the relatively impermeable perineurial sheath around the nerve trunks. Using a desheathed cat peroneal nerve preparation, axoplasmic transport was shown to require an adequate level(More)