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Studies on high-throughput global gene expression using microarray technology have generated ever larger amounts of systematic transcriptome data. A major challenge in exploiting these heterogeneous datasets is how to normalize the expression profiles by inter-assay methods. Different non-linear and linear normalization methods have been developed, which(More)
Novel microarray technologies such as the AB1700 platform from Applied Biosystems promise significant increases in the signal dynamic range and a higher sensitivity for weakly expressed transcripts. We have compared a representative set of AB1700 data with a similarly representative Affymetrix HG-U133A dataset. The AB1700 design extends the signal dynamic(More)
In view of potential application to biomedical diagnosis, tight transcriptome data quality control is compulsory. Usually, quality control is achieved using labeling and hybridization controls added at different stages throughout the processing of the biologic RNA samples. These control measures, however, only reflect the performance of the individual(More)
The problem of identifying differential activity such as in gene expression is a major defeat in biostatistics and bioinformatics. Equally important, however much less frequently studied, is the question of similar activity from one biological condition to another. The fold-change, or ratio, is usually considered a relevant criterion for stating difference(More)
Significant inconsistencies between probe-to-gene annotations between different releases of probe set identifiers by commercial microarray platform solutions have been reported. Such inconsistencies lead to misleading or ambiguous interpretation of published gene expression results. We report here similar inconsistencies in the probe-to-gene annotation of(More)
As life expectancy continues to rise, in the future there will be an increasing number of older people prone to falling. Accordingly, there is an urgent need for comprehensive testing of older individuals to collect data and to identify possible risk factors for falling. Here we use a low-cost force platform to rapidly assess deficits in balance under(More)
Advanced Driver Assistant Systems act, by definition in natural, often poorly structured, environments and are supposed to closely interact with human operators. Both, natural environments as well as human behaviour have no inherent metric and can not be modelled/measured in the classical way physically plausibly behaving systems are described. This makes(More)
We have previously developed a combined signal/variance distribution model that accounts for the particular statistical properties of datasets generated on the Applied Biosystems AB1700 transcriptome system. Here we show that this model can be efficiently used to generate synthetic datasets with statistical properties virtually identical to those of the(More)