Sebastian Nickolaus

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Autoradiographic techniques revealed that 5-hydroxytryptamine1A, 5-hydroxytryptamine1B and 5-hydroxytryptamine1C/2 binding sites are differentially distributed in the spinal cords of adult male rats. In the dorsal horn, 5-hydroxytryptamine1A sites were dense in all laminae; 5-hydroxytryptamine1B sites were more dense in laminae I, III and IV than in lamina(More)
Accumulating evidence suggests that the copper-binding amyloid precursor protein (APP) has an essential synaptic function. APP synaptogenic function depends on trans-directed dimerization of the extracellular E1 domain encompassing a growth factor-like domain (GFLD) and a copper-binding domain (CuBD). Here we report the 1.75 Å crystal structure of the GFLD(More)
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