Sebastian Mies

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Security is a common problem in completely decentralized peer-to-peer systems. Although several suggestions exist on how to create a secure key-based routing protocol, a practicable approach is still unattended. In this paper we introduce a secure key-based routing protocol based on Kademlia that has a high resilience against common attacks by using(More)
Overlay-based services are a popular approach for providing functions like multicast, quality of service or security in the Internet without requiring infrastructure support. This paper presents the Underlay Abstraction Layer in the Spontaneous Virtual Networks (SpoVNet) architecture that enables easy and flexible creation of such services. Also building on(More)
End-to-End connectivity in today's Internet can no longer be taken for granted. Middleboxes, mobility, and protocol heterogeneity complicate application development and often result in application-specific solutions. In our demo we present ariba: an overlay-based approach to handle such network challenges and to provide consistent homogeneous network(More)
Novel Internet applications demand global availability of complex services that can adapt dynamically to application requirements. At the same time, pervasive Inter-net usage and heterogeneous access technologies impose new challenges for service deployment. We present Spontaneous Virtual Networks (SpoVNet), a methodology that enables easy development of(More)
This paper contributes a protocol that measures underlay connectivity properties of nodes in an overlay network. The protocol autonomously assigns a unique random identifier to each subset of nodes that can communicate transitively using arbitrary underlay routing protocols (e.g., IPv4, IPv6, RFCOMM), denoted connectivity domain. We denote nodes in more(More)
While many other disciplines have developed defacto standards to benchmark solutions to their pressing problems, routing protocols are often evaluated in an ad-hoc manner. The resulting variations in the evaluation lead to diminished comparability between different proposals. In this paper, we present a simulation framework for reproducible benchmarking of(More)
Im Rahmen der hochschulweiten Open-Access-Strategie für die Zweitveröffentlichung identifiziert durch die Universitätsbibliothek Ilmenau. " " Within the academic Open Access Strategy identified for deposition by Ilmenau University Library. " " Dieser Beitrag ist mit Zustimmung des Rechteinhabers aufgrund einer (DFG-geförderten) Allianz-bzw. Nationallizenz(More)
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