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The early-weaned pig develops intestinal atrophy and provides a readily accessible animal model for determining the role of dietary supplementation of glutamine (Gln, a major fuel for enterocytes) in preventing intestinal damage. Three experiments were conducted to determine the stability of dietary Gln in the acidic part of the gastrointestinal tract using(More)
The generation of biological complexity by the acquisition of novel modular units is an emerging concept in evolutionary dynamics. Here, we review the coordinate evolution of cnidarian nematocysts, secretory organelles used for capture of prey, and of minicollagens, proteins constituting the nematocyst capsule. Within the Cnidaria there is an increase in(More)
The amount of glomalin-related soil protein (GRSP), a glycoprotein produced by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF), its contribution to the sequestering of Cu and Zn in the soil, and the microsite variation of other soil traits (pH, water-stable aggregates--[WSA], soil organic carbon--[SOC]) was studied in a semi-arid Mediterranean ecosystem near a copper(More)
An atomic resolution characterization of the structural properties of unfolded proteins that explicitly invokes the highly dynamic nature of the unfolded state will be extremely important for the development of a quantitative understanding of the thermodynamic basis of protein folding and stability. Here we develop a novel approach using residual dipolar(More)
The direct tracking of cellular reactions in vivo has been facilitated with recent technologies that strongly enhance NMR signals in substrates of interest. This methodology can be used to assay intracellular reactions that occur within seconds to few minutes, as the NMR signal enhancement typically fades on this time scale. Here, we show that the(More)
This study compared pressure fields by 4-dimensional (4D), velocity-encoded cine (VEC) cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (CMR) with pressures measured by the clinical gold standard catheterization. Thirteen patients (n = 7 male, n = 6 female) with coarctation were studied. The 4D-VEC-CMR pressure fields were computed by solving the Pressure-Poisson(More)
Current virtualization technologies enable hosting of a large number of Virtual Machines (VMs) on a common physical host. The hypervisor interconnects these VMs via Virtual Networks (VNs). These VNs underlie the same security requirements as physical networks. Network elements such as stateful firewalls contribute in enforcing this security. With the advent(More)
Mesoderm formation in the mouse embryo begins at 6.5-6.75 days p.c. (postcoitum) when a primitive streak is formed along the posterior side of the egg cylinder. Epiblast cells in a localized region separate from one another and spread laterally between the primitive endoderm and the rest of the epiblast. The newly formed mesoderm contributes to both(More)