Sebastian Marius Rosu

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In order to be competitive enterprises continuously implement ICT strategies & architectures to improve manufacture, research, products quality, sales, services and costs control. All large enterprises have a local area network, a virtual private network, an Intranet and Internet, servers and workstations for operations, administration and management(More)
E-health is the generic term used for the set of tools based on information and communication technology used to help prevent, diagnose, treat, and monitor the health and lifestyles and to improve these processes. These considerations are the starting point of this chapter, which presents a Website development solution for family doctors' consulting-rooms(More)
Complex-Valued Neural Networks (CVNNs) are Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) which function using complex numbers - they have complex-valued parameters and accept complex-valued inputs. Phase-Based Neurons (PBNs) are simple CVNNs that use for the internal weights complex numbers with the modulus 1, the only adaptable parameters being the phases of the(More)
The paper presents the knowledge management and business, intelligent concepts in order to analyze enterprise internal and external resources based on the knowledge transfer and capitalization processes. The virtual enterprise business network purposed solution expect to improve small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) involvement in new product(More)
This paper presents a synthesis of the CESICED project issues. This project provides an open platform for collaborative design. It aims at developing a data model that can be reached using external computer services (i.e. expert applications) related to virtual product development. The first part of the paper deals with the concepts proposed to link the(More)
I. INTRODUCTION Under the concept of a global economy, enterprises are assigning design and production environments around the world in different areas. The requirement for highly reliable and available services has been continuously increasing in many domains for the last decade [1]. The optimization of product benefit must be the focus of all network(More)
Partners evaluation and selection in order to create a business partnership in virtual enterprise ia an activity that will lead first to increase enterprises competitiveness and on the other hand to increase de enterprise adaptability to market demands. In this paper two partner's assessment methods are analyzed (the notes system method and the weighted(More)