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Clothing is a fundamental part of a character's persona, a key storytelling tool used to convey an intended impression to the audience. Draping, folding, wrinkling, stretching, etc. all convey meaning, and thus each is carefully controlled when filming live actors. When making films with computer simulated cloth, these subtle but important elements must be(More)
We present a method for the directable animation of photorealistic liquids using the particle level set method to obtain smooth, visually pleasing complex liquid surfaces. We also provide for a degree of control common to particle-only based simulation techniques. A variety of directable liquid primitive variables, including the isosurface value, velocity,(More)
We present a novel algorithm for collision processing on triangulated meshes. Our method robustly maintains a collision free state on complex geometries while resorting to collision resolution at time intervals often comparable to the frame rate. Our approach is motivated by the behavior of a thin layer of fluid inserted in the empty space between(More)
Computer graphics play a starring role in the production of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. This session focuses on the creation of the digital cast of the latest prequel to the Star Wars saga. Industrial Light & Magic developed a variety of systems to make the computer-generated characters in this film stand up to the actors with whom they(More)
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