Sebastian Mann

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Most everyday scenes have a far greater dynamic range than can be recorded on a photographic lm or electronic imaging apparatus (whether it be a digital still camera, video, etc.). However, a set of pictures, that are identical except for their exposure, collectively show us much more dynamic range than any single picture. The dark pictures show us(More)
In this paper, we present a new approach for audio tampering detection based on microphone classification. The underlying algorithm is based on a blind channel estimation, specifically designed for recordings from mobile devices. It is applied to detect a specific type of tampering, i.e., to detect whether footprints from more than one microphone exist(More)
In this paper, we present the combination of two concepts addressing important aspects for smart home services: a new quality of service concept and a new integrated concept for a smart home security system. We assume that every flat in a house has its own smart device to perform local services and act as an interface for the different sensors and actors(More)
In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for improving localization results of unknown wireless nodes (a.k.a. unknowns or mobile nodes). Our proposed solution, Groupwise Universal Improvement Scheme (G-UnIS), is based on additional information about the a priori known distances between mobile nodes. We show with the simulation results that our method can(More)
<?Pub Dtl?>A novel remote respiration and heartbeat monitoring sensor is presented. The device is a monostatic radar based on a six-port interferometer operating a continuous-wave signal at 24 GHz and a radiated power of less than 3 <formula formulatype="inline"><tex Notation="TeX">$\mu\hbox{W}$</tex> </formula>. Minor mechanical movements of the patient's(More)
In this paper, we present an audio tampering detection method, based on the combination of blind microphone analysis and phase analysis of stable tones, e.g., the electrical network frequency (ENF). The proposed algorithm uses phase analysis to detect segments that might have been tampered: These segments are further analyzed using a feature vector able to(More)
In this paper an improved calibration procedure for six-port based displacement measurement radar is proposed. The entire system characterization is done only using several measurements of the target at known positions and no additional calibration standards are required. The proposed calibration has been experimentally verified for a six-port based(More)
Microwave technology plays a more important role in modern industrial sensing applications. Pushed by the significant progress in monolithic microwave integrated circuit technology over the past decades, complex sensing systems operating in the microwave and even millimeter-wave range are available for reasonable costs combined with exquisite performance.(More)
Radar sensors play a key role in today's industrial automation. Being an alternative to frequency modulated continuous wave radar, Six-Port based radar sensors recently attracted the interest of the community as well as of the industry. This paper presents a 61 GHz Six-Port radar sensor for ultra-short range applications and a dedicated substrate integrate(More)