Sebastian Mühlbauer

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The fractionation of cells of a parsley suspension culture [Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) A. Hill] by protoplasting and subsequent removal of the vacuoles led to physiologically intact evacuolated protoplasts retaining light inducibility of chalcone synthase expression. Lysis of the evacuolated protoplasts permitted the isolation of a pure, highly(More)
Spin manipulation using electric currents is one of the most promising directions in the field of spintronics. We used neutron scattering to observe the influence of an electric current on the magnetic structure in a bulk material. In the skyrmion lattice of manganese silicon, where the spins form a lattice of magnetic vortices similar to the vortex lattice(More)
Skyrmion crystals are regular arrangements of magnetic whirls that exist in a wide range of chiral magnets. Because of their topology, they cannot be created or destroyed by smooth rearrangements of the direction of the local magnetization. Using magnetic force microscopy, we tracked the destruction of the skyrmion lattice on the surface of a bulk crystal(More)
The morphology of the superconducting flux line lattice (FLL) of Nb comprises gradual variations with various lock-in transitions and symmetry breaking rotations. We report a comprehensive small-angle neutron scattering study of the FLL in an ultrapure single crystal of Nb as a function of the orientation of the applied magnetic field. We attribute the(More)
The strong-leg S=1/2 Heisenberg spin ladder system (C(7)H(10)N)(2)CuBr(4) is investigated using density matrix renormalization group calculations, inelastic neutron scattering, and bulk magnetothermodynamic measurements. Measurements showed qualitative differences compared to the strong-rung case. A long-lived two-triplon bound state is confirmed to persist(More)
Doped EuO is an attractive material for the fabrication of proof-of-concept spintronic devices. Yet for decades its use has been hindered by its instability in air and the difficulty of preparing and patterning high-quality thin films. Here, we establish EuO as the pre-eminent material for the direct integration of a carrier-concentration-matched half-metal(More)
We report small angle neutron scattering of the Skyrmion lattice in MnSi using an experimental setup that minimizes the effects of demagnetizing fields and double scattering. Under these conditions, the Skyrmion lattice displays resolution-limited Gaussian rocking peaks that correspond to a magnetic correlation length in excess of several hundred(More)
High pressure studies in MnSi suggest the existence of a non-Fermi liquid state without quantum criticality. The observation of partial magnetic order in a small pocket of the pressure versus temperature phase diagram of MnSi has additionally inspired several proposals of complex spin textures in chiral magnets. We used neutron scattering to observe the(More)
We report proof-of-principle measurements at the neutron resonance spin echo spectrometer RESEDA (MLZ) under large magnetic fields by means of Modulation of IntEnsity with Zero Effort (MIEZE). Our study demonstrates the feasibility of applying strong magnetic fields up to 17 T at the sample while maintaining unchanged sub-μeV resolution. We find that the(More)