Sebastian Limbach

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This thesis is focused on the developement of an algorithm for the computation of all edge cycles bounding the faces of a three-dimensional arrangement of algebraic surfaces of degree two (quadrics). We develop the concepts of required data structures and a concrete implementation of the algorithm. The algorithm is based on the approach and the(More)
We introduce a novel algorithm for the efficient detection and tracking of features in spatiotemporal atmospheric data, as well as for the precise localization of the occurring genesis, lysis, merging and splitting events. The algorithm works on data given on a four-dimensional structured grid. Feature selection and clustering are based on adjustable local(More)
We summarize the results of the cross-benchmarks for two univariate algebraic kernels (AK) developed in ACS. The kernels, developed at INRIA and MPI, were tested on 6 types of univariate polynomials of various degrees and bitsizes. The methods included were: Sturm, Sleeve, CF, NCF, NCF2 for the INRIA kernel, and Descartes and Bitstream-Descartes for the MPI(More)
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