Sebastian Kube

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Gift Exchange and Workers’ Fairness Concerns: When Equality Is Unfair We study how different payment modes influence the effectiveness of gift exchange as a contract enforcement device. In particular, we analyze how horizontal fairness concerns affect performance and efficiency in an environment characterized by contractual incompleteness. In our(More)
Members of the diverse superfamily of AAA+ proteins are molecular machines responsible for a wide range of essential cellular processes. In this review we summarise structural and functional data surrounding the nucleotide binding pocket of these versatile complexes. Protein Data Bank (PDB) structures of closely related AAA+ ATPase are overlaid and(More)
The bacterial type VI secretion system is a multicomponent molecular machine directed against eukaryotic host cells and competing bacteria. An intracellular contractile tubular structure that bears functional homology with bacteriophage tails is pivotal for ejection of pathogenic effectors. Here, we present the 6 Å cryoelectron microscopy structure of the(More)
What determines reciprocity in employment relations? We conducted a controlled eld experiment and tested the extent to which cash and non-monetary gifts a ect workers' productivity. Our main nding is that the nature of the gift, not its monetary value, determines the prevalence of reciprocal reactions. A gift in-kind results in a signi cant and substantial(More)
Employment contracts are often incomplete, leaving many responsibilities subject to workers’ discretion. High work morale is therefore essential for sustaining voluntary cooperation and high productivity in firms. We conducted a field experiment to test whether workers reciprocate wage cuts and raises with low or high work productivity. Wage cuts had a(More)
We study the role of reciprocity in a labor market field experiment. In a recent paper, Gneezy and List (2006) investigate the impact of gift exchange in this context and find that it has only a transient effect on long run outcomes. Extending their work to examine both positive and negative reciprocity, we find consonant evidence in the positive(More)
Treating Equals Unequally: Incentives in Teams, Workers’ Motivation and Production Technology The importance of fair and equal treatment of workers is at the heart of the debate in organizational management. In this regard, we study how reward mechanisms and production technologies affect effort provision in teams. Our experimental results demonstrate that(More)
Reciprocity and Payment Schemes: When Equality Is Unfair A growing literature stresses the importance of reciprocity, especially for employment relations. In this paper, we study the interaction of different payment modes with reciprocity. In particular, we analyze how equal wages affect performance and efficiency in an environment characterized by(More)