Sebastian Kraft

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We have performed high resolution spectroscopy of rubidium with a single mode continuous wave distributed feedback (DFB) laser diode. The saturation spectrum of the D 2-line of 85 Rb and 87 Rb was recorded with a resolution close to the natural line width. The emission frequency was actively stabilized to Doppler-free transitions with a relative accuracy of(More)
In this paper, a polyphonic pitch detection approach is presented, which is based on the iterative analysis of the autocorrelation function. The idea of a two-channel front-end with periodicity estimation by using the autocorrelation is inspired by an algorithm from Tolonen and Karjalainen. However, the analysis of the periodicity in the summary(More)
Flapping winged flight is well suited to the low density and highly viscous Martian atmosphere. The ExoFly demonstrator and mission concept illustrates the feasibility and usefulness of a mission to mars utilising such a rover mobility concept. Such a system would be capable of autonomous, efficient and robust flight in the lower Mars atmosphere, offering(More)
An advanced phase vocoder technique for high quality audio pitch shifting and time stretching is described. Its main concept is based on the PVSOLA time stretching algorithm which is already known to give good results on monophonic speech. Some enhancements are proposed to add the ability to process polyphonic material at equal quality by distinguishing(More)
A system for the synthesis of backing vocals by pitch shifting of a lead vocal signal is presented. The harmonization of the backing vocals is based on the chords, which are retrieved from an accompanying instrument. The system operates completely autonomous without the need to provide the key of the performed song. This simplifies the handling of the(More)
In this paper, a load balanced implementation of a delayless FxLMS algorithm for the purpose of active noise cancellation is proposed. Frequency-domain adaption algorithms using FFT's are well-known for their efficiency. However, their block-based character will lead to a delay in the order of the used block length. A hybrid adaption approach is chosen in(More)
This paper describes a polyphonic multi-pitch detector which selects peaks as pitch candidates in both the spectrum and a multi-channel generalised autocorrelation. A final pitch is detected if a peak in the spectrum has a corresponding peak within the same semitone range in at least one of the autocorrelation channels. The autocorrelation is calculated in(More)
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