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PURPOSE The present study was designed to evaluate the geometrical accuracy and clinical applicability of a new, free-hand, CT-guided, optical navigation system. METHODS Fifteen procedures in 14 consecutive patients were retrospectively analyzed. The navigation system was applied for interventional procedures on small target lesions, in cases with long(More)
Since the advent of computed tomography, numbers and expertise in Lymphangiography (LAG) have markedly dropped. The intention of our study was to demonstrate the persisting diagnostic and therapeutic impact of LAG on the postoperative patient with known or suspected lymphatic vessel leakage. Between May 1, 1999, and April 30, 2006, we investigated pedal(More)
We set out to test the hypothesis that severe malnutrition and stress experienced by prisoners of war (POWs) are associated with cognitive deficits later in life. We assessed 101 former Australian POWs of the Japanese and 108 veteran control subjects using a battery of neuropsychological tests, a depression scale, a clinical examination for dementia, and(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine whether the failure to attain normal bone mass in young adulthood contributes to the later development of osteoporotic fractures. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING Referral-based bone clinic at a large teaching hospital. PATIENTS Sequential sample of 35 asymptomatic relatives, aged 19 to 59 years, of patients with(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to establish the ability of super-absorbent polymer microspheres (SAP) to actively uptake doxorubicin and to establish the proof of principle of SAP's ability to phase transfer doxorubicin onto the polymer matrix and to elute into buffer with a loading method that optimizes physical handling and elution characteristics. (More)
OBJECTIVES Demonstrate the usability of a new polyetheretherketone (PEEK)-based MR-compatible guidewire for renal artery catheterization, angioplasty, and stenting under MR-guidance using MR-visible markers, in vitro and in vivo. MATERIAL AND METHODS The new 0.035'' guidewire with fiber-reinforced PEEK core, a soft tip, and a hydrophilic coating was used.(More)
In the European Union (EU) 72,334 tuberculosis (TB) cases were notified in 2011, of which 16,116 (22%) had extrapulmonary tuberculosis (EPTB). The percentage of TB cases with EPTB ranged from 4% to 48% in the reporting countries. This difference might be explained by differences in risk factors for EPTB or challenges in diagnosis. To assess the practices in(More)
Primary pulmonary amyloidosis is rare. Three patterns of involvement have been described: tracheobronchial, nodular and diffuse parenchymal. The nodular parenchymal amyloid deposits are often multiple, much less common focal. We hereby present a case of a 70 year old patient, a former smoker, with coincidentally diagnosed solitary, pulmonary nodule, a(More)
The magnetic resonance (MR) guidance of endovascular interventions is probably one of the greatest challenges of clinical MR research. MR angiography is not only an imaging tool for the vasculature but can also simultaneously depict high tissue contrast, including the differentiation of the vascular wall and perivascular tissues, as well as vascular(More)
The management of colorectal liver metastasis has undergone a significant change since the development of novel ablation and embolization. Drug-eluting microsphere platforms, designed to deliver targeted concentrations of systemic therapy directly into the tumor via its arterial vasculature, have garnered interest and gained in popularity in recent years.(More)