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The use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in healthcare with a focus on hospitals
This paper reviews 262 papers of DEA applications in healthcare with special focus on hospitals and closes a gap of over ten years that were not covered by existing review articles, and is the first to examine the research purposes of the publications. Expand
The origins of national housing finance systems: a comparative investigation into historical variations in mortgage finance regimes
ABSTRACT This paper advances the first historically informed typology of housing finance systems. Using a novel collection of historical mortgage-market data, we identify four different ‘ideal type’Expand
The inversion of the ‘really big trade-off’: homeownership and pensions in long-run perspective
Abstract The hypothesis of a trade-off between homeownership and welfare state provision, first proposed by Jim Kemeny around 1980, is a foundational claim in the political economy of housing.Expand
Heidegger and socio-ontology: A sociological reading
This paper uses the work and employs the tools of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger to attempt to improve sociology. Heidegger’s thinking is employed primarily to undo a paradox of sociology.Expand
Urban History Matters: Explaining the German–American Homeownership Gap
Abstract The homeownership rate in the United States has continuously been about 20 percentage points higher than that of Germany. This homeownership gap is traced back to before the First World WarExpand
Correction to: The use of Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) in healthcare with a focus on hospitals
The first column of Tables 5 and 6 in the Appendix section should contain the year of publication instead of the reference number in brackets. Expand
An Economic Sociological Look at Economics
New economic sociology can be viewed as an answer to economic imperialism (Beckert 2007:6). In the early phase of new economic sociology, it was common to compare or debate the difference betweenExpand
The Political Economy of Homeownership: A Comparative Analysis of Homeownership Ideology through Party Manifestos
America’s ‘infatuation with homeownership’ has been identified as one cause of the latest financial crisis. Based on codings of 1809 party manifestos in 19 countries since 1945, this article addresExpand
Too much mortgage debt? The effect of housing financialization on housing supply and residential capital formation
This article argues that the explosion of mortgage finance has not led to a proportional expansion of housing supply across 17 countries in a historical perspective (1913–2016). Based on a collectionExpand
Varieties of Economization in Competition Policy: A Comparative Analysis of German and American Antitrust Doctrines, 1960–2000
This paper explains the different trajectories of German and American competition policy and its permissiveness towards economic concentration in the last few decades. While the German politicalExpand