Sebastian Kernbach

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An experiment was conducted to add empirical evidence whether the use of visualization is better than text in the communication of business strategies. Seventy-four managers who took part in an Executive MBA program saw a presentation of the simplified strategy of BMW Financial Services. The visual support of the presentation was manipulated by the author(More)
PowerPoint is a tool that is very often used in organization to visualize knowledge. It is seemingly simple but a complex tool which is not 'neutral' but has enabling and constraining qualities. Despite its pervasiveness, research on PowerPoint is scarce, fragmented and often polemic. Given its omnipresence and importance, a more appropriate understanding(More)
As discussions move online, we need means that compensate for what we take for granted in face-to-face meetings: voice modulation, mimics, or gestures. There are three functions of these 'metadiscoursive' expressions: 1) to navigate conversations and to direct the attention of our interlocutors, deciding what to discuss, reviewing what has been said, or how(More)
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